Shelling is great, Book Early – Don’t wait!

Posted on September 6th, 2015 by Reel Kind

Trip Advisor CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE winner 4 years in a row! 2014-2017, thank you to all our great customers who have taken the time to share their experience with others online.

Many people missed the opportunity to go Shelling and Fishing with us last year. 

Last year our clients found over 100 Junonia on our trips! So don’t miss your opportunity. We are booking up fast, call NOW!

Bonnie and I wish we could clone ourselves and take everyone at anytime but unfortunately we can not. So I urge you to please call us early, don’t wait till your here. As soon as you know you are coming please call and let us find you a great tide for your special trip. Please know we do the best we can to call everyone back and answer every call in a timely fashion but we are only human and sometimes make mistakes. Please call us back if you have not heard back from us in 24 hours. It is always best to call, not text nor email. We only check emails when we have a free moment and with all the spam we get, many messages are lost. So Please call and let’s have a great time together! 239-249-9878

See you Soon!

Capt. Jesse and Bonnie Karen



Posted on October 5th, 2010 by Reel Kind

4 years in a row we been awarded the “Certificate of Excellence”


Are you looking to have the trip of your life on the waters of Marco Island, Naples and The Everglades?

Did you know our Guide’s are all Florida Master Naturalists? We have added some great new trips to our menu and want you to enjoy all SW Florida has to offer. Please look around our site and give us a call. Our Captains strive to make every trip the best trip you have ever had. We know the waters like the back of our hands and work hard to make sure you are having the time of your life.


Call today to book your adventure!






MANY TIMES PEOPLE ASK IF THEY CAN BE DROPPED OFF AND PICKED UP LATER. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS PRACTICE. THE 10,000 ISLANDS ARE REMOTE, CHALLENGING TO NAVIGATE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES ARE NOT READILY AVAILABLE THERE.   Many times weather changes in an instant and we are unable to access some of the beaches that we shell. If you were dropped off there, that puts you at great risk. Many times boats break down, every boat does, it’s just a fact. If you get dropped off and that boat breaks down, you are stuck! Additionally many locations have poor cellular service, if you have a medical emergency and don’t have service you are again in a desperate situation. Furthermore the 911 dispatch has no familiarity with the Islands and would not know where to send help. Those are just a few of the reasons why it is so important a boat and a captain stay with you at all times! Our Captain’s have a lifetime of boating experience HERE! We know how to predict and deal with any situation that may arise on these unpredictable waters to keep you safe and get you home!

It is very important that you be a well informed consumer and learn the truth that is hidden from you as the other’s attempt to copy our very special trip. On the Shelling page please take the time to read our caution to consumers which reveals more information about those attempting to copy us as well as the important differences between our trips and theirs. Thank you for taking the time to visit our sight and my wife Bonnie and I hope to win your trust and business. Capt. Jesse and Bonnie Karen

Recently there have been many people/companies attempting to copy our “Shelling in the 10,000 Island’s” trip. Even a Captain who worked for us shortly,  who was dismissed for failing to follow protocol designed to keep our passengers safe has decided to try and copy and compete with us to “teach us a lesson,” his words. Someone operating  like this can create some very dangerous scenarios.




On July 5th Capt. Jesse took two parties on one of our early morning barrier island shelling trips. When they arrived the group were met with a female Loggerhead Sea Turtle laying her eggs. They watched the eggs drop and the turtle bury the nest and descend back into the Gulf. A daytime egg laying is a rare once in a lifetime occurrence and we were lucky to share this experience with our customers.

Capt. Jesse admires this female loggerhead turtle laying eggs while Rookery Bay scientist’s document the event.